BBX Launches New BBXPOS – Point of Sale App

YouTube url: Baidu Store Apple Store Google Store New BBX POS (Point of Sale) App from Carolin MacDonald of BBX: Hi, I’m really excited today to be bringing you the New BBX POS App. This is our global Point of Sale App which enables you to process BBX sales at the touch of a button. This app is designed for BBX members that have multiple outlets and for the BBX expos. So, for example, if you’re a restaurant owner with one BBX account, but you have 5 different restaurant outlets, you can load this app to each of the point of sales systems for each of those outlets and you can call each of the device loads that you do, bu its own unique ID. So your staff can process BBX transactions live. Each time they process the transaction, its recorded on your account as to which of the outlets processed the transaction. It also enables your staff, when they process the transaction, to send the buyers a receipt by SMS at the point of sale. BBX EXPOS This POS App is also designed for use at BBX Expos. So next time you are exhibiting, before you come, load up this App on as many devices as possible, so you can process your live sales and issue buyer’s receipts at the time of transaction. Now we’re going to cut over and show you the video in a little more close up on all its key features. Carolin MacDonald Managing Director BBX AUSTRALIA Support Co-Ordinator BBX International Global Franchises

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