BBX Western Australia Set to Expand

It gives me great pleasure to bring you some exciting news about the BBX Western Australia business as it continues to expand providing our members with new trading opportunities both at home and internationally. But first, I would like to introduce you to the BBX WA Franchise Team responsible for growing the business in the West. BBX Perth North – Mark Milland Mark has been part of BBX as a member for 18 years and in twenty fourteen/fifteen has successfully…Read More

BBX Adelaide Concept Store HUB Grand Opening

The BBX Concept Store is a HUB for our Franchise Owners, Ambassadors and Members. These stores offer an up to date environment for our Franchise owners and Ambassadors to bring in prospective BBX Members to present too and learn the BBX concept. They have facilities for networking functions and training schools (in the bigger shoptfronts), big screen tv’s for presentations, tablets for member training of BBX Apps, HUB areas for members to come in and learn about BBX Technology and…Read More

BBX Launches New BBXPOS – Point of Sale App

YouTube url: Baidu Store Apple Store Google Store New BBX POS (Point of Sale) App from Carolin MacDonald of BBX: Hi, I’m really excited today to be bringing you the New BBX POS App. This is our global Point of Sale App which enables you to process BBX sales at the touch of a button. This app is designed for BBX members that have multiple outlets and for the BBX expos. So, for example, if…Read More

The BBX Australia Franchise Group is expanding so come and join us!

Today we welcome three new franchise owners to the BBX Australia Family…. Samson Rodrigues – BBX Sydney South West, Max Hasanov – BBX Perth East and Raj Gautam – BBX Perth CBD. I am very proud of all our BBX Australia Team Members as we continue our BBX Concept Store Roll out and expansion program. More new franchisees and concept stores to be announced in the coming weeks. BBX is a company committed to its members and growth. With more…Read More

BBX Shenyang China Grand Opening Ceremony

BBX Shenyang China Grand Opening Ceremony Click here to find out more about BBX: Join BBX China: 请点击这⾥申请加⼊ Join BBX Australia: This video is made by BBX Shenyang , China for their Grand opening ceremony on the 10th June 2015. Another magnificent ceremony proves once again the China franchisees are determined to make BBX China a very successful operation. This is called BBX China attitude. BBX Shenyang is owned by Mr. Yabei Li and Mr. Yong Zhao…Read More

Watch Video BBX Concept Store Changping District, Beijing, China

YouTube url: BBX Concept Store Changping District, Beijing, China Join BBX China: 请点击这⾥申请加⼊ Join BBX Australia: BBX昌平运营中⼼位于北京市昌平区最繁忙的商业街. 当您来到我们的公司, 我们有专业的前台接待 员为您服务, 我们的业务拓展团队会为您介绍分析BBX如何可以帮助您的⽣意. 我们的管理团队和培 训团队不断地组织会议和内部员⼯培训⽴志打造出BBX中国的精英团队. BBX Changping office is located in one of the busiest streets in Changping District in Beijing. The minute you walk into our office, we have our professional receptionist welcome you at the door and our business development team talk to you further on how we can help with your business daily trading. Our management…Read More

BBX Beijing Head Quarters

北京市朝阳区慧忠⾥103号洛克时代中⼼7A座 北京市 朝阳区 100020 北京市P: 400-6230-229 BBX China continues to expand with the BBX franchise roll out as it prepares to announce the opening of further flagship stores and provincial Head Offices late July 2015. Beijing HQ pictured below houses the most modern equipment and huge BBX Staff Teams assisting the franchise roll out. BBX China now has over 500 staff and franchise owners distributing the BBX Business Opportunity and BBX Beijing Head Quarters welcomes all BBX Global Members to…Read More

Interview BBX Asian Expansion Michael Touma CEO BBX International

BBX Asian Expansion Michael Touma CEO BBX International a What’s your view of the cashless payment industry in Asia currently? Well, we’re the only Global Trade Exchange and Asia is our prime market right now due to the global influence that China and the rest of the Asian economies have. So they have taken the concept by hand and run with it and it’s very well accepted. How is BBX growing in Asia? Exponentially. We have offices now in Taiwan,…Read More

BBX China Sets Industry World Record!

BBX International congratulates President Yang of BBX China Operations for setting a world record in the Barter Industry of Successfully opening 9 fully operational Concept Store Branches in 14 Days! An outstanding achievement!

The BBX Money App

View our video at The BBX App is a global app available to all BBX Members. It’s available at Apple Store/iTunes: Google Play: The App is multilingual and Multi Currency so it’s your best travel companion for when you are travelling if you are a BBX Member, and it allows you to process transactions between all BBX members globally at the touch of a button.