Welcome to BBX "BBX MANAGES THE BUYING AND SELLING OF GOODS AND SERVICES ON BEHALF OF ITS MEMBERS IN A CASHLESS ENVIRONMENT, UTILISING THE BBX GLOBAL CASHLESS PAYMENT PLATFORM". Established in April 1993, BBX is a global leader in cashless trading. Currently operational in eleven countries with over 30,000 card holders and 250 staff, BBX continues its expansion into the all-important marketplace of the Asia-Pacific region and 2015 the Middle East. BBX is a credit and debit card system that enables businesses to access a variety of goods and services in a less competitive marketplace, offering a range of financial benefits not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems. BBX International has established master franchises in India, Costa Rica, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, China, Korea, India, Singapore and Malaysia, and heads of agreements are now in place with two other countries. BBX’s mission is to deliver a GLOBAL CASHLESS PAYMENT PLATFORM that is fair, equitable and highly profitable to all BBX members and at all times community and socially responsible. Using a currency known as BBX trade dollars BBX allows member businesses to increase sales, create cost savings, and improve the general financial performance of their business by taking advantage of spare or under-utilised capacities, all of which improve their bottom line profitability. Michael Touma Managing Director BBX INTERNATIONAL
BBX operates in: o Australia o China o New Zealand o Singapore o United Kingdom o Costa Rica o India o South Korea o Taiwan o Malaysia o Thailand OPENING 2016: Philippines Indonesia Dubai Egypt Apply for your country now
YES. BBXI currently operates in 11 countries each with a exclusive master franchise. BBX International will further expand in 2016 to Indonesia, Philippines and Dubai. We welcome applications for global expansion . call BBXI OR EMAIL INFO@BBXI.COM for your country application.
BBX head office is in Hong Kong, the details of our offices are: Phone: +852 300 85832 Email: franchise@ebbx.com 15th Floor Hutchinson House 10 Harcourt Rd Central Hongkong
BBX started franchising in the year 2001, throughout these 14 years the company has established a solid franchising system that is composed by Master, regional and subfranchises in 11 countries. BBX has an aggressive expansion plan and will continue to grow its franchising system on a domestic and a global scale.
Great Question. After the initial term of 20 years the Master Franchise will have an option to renew for a further period of 10 years. This can then be extended with a further option of 10 years totaling 40 years.
KEY FEATURES FRANCHISEE PROFILE Generally speaking, a potential franchisee might fit the following profile: Most likely age group is 25 years plus, male or female. White collar/professional background in industries such as finance, banking or insurance, real estate or similar retail experience. Selling and service experience seen as beneficial but not essential. Ability to successfully run and manage a business and people, and converse with business owners by phone and face to face. Strong will to succeed, a degree of business maturity coupled with good communication skills. A Business Development Manage
Yes, As a country master franchise you will need a management team comprising of . Administration manager . Sales Manager . In House accountant . Trading manager . Sales force . Marketing and Media officer Yes, As a regional franchise you will need a team comprising of . Trading staff . Sales staff . Office manager
BBXI Master Franchises have several income streams. 1. sale of regional franchises 2. sales of domestic franchises 3. sales of states/provinces THE FOLLOWING FEES ARE RECURRING DAILY MONTHLY AND ANNUALLY 4. membership fees 5. administration fees 6. transaction fees 7. real estate fees STATE AND REGIONAL FRANCHISES 1. membership fees 2. administration fees 3. transaction fees 4. real estate fees
We recommend sales professionals to be paid a retainer and a commission based on their results. Sales people are valuable and indispensable for a business. BBX strongly recommends its franchisees to invest time and resources doing a quality recruitment process and retaining good candidates. When considering the qualities of a sales professional, we recommend you to look for:
·         Integrity
·         Perseverance
·         Enthusiasm
·         Resilience
·         Urgency
·         Persuasiveness
·         Self-motivation
BBX Franchises operate in a designated Territory. However the nature of business relationships allows BBX Franchise owners to recruit a maximum of 10% of their client base from outside their territory. Naturally franchise owners have business relationships that will spread outside their area.
You will receive initial and ongoing training from BBX. The initial training will be in Sydney, Australia. The ongoing training is either in the location of the franchise, the regional office or the national office, depending if it is individual or group training.
You will never be alone, BBX will support your operation and staff at all times. BBX dedicates a specialized team to support its franchisees and is always optimizing its systems and procedures.
Application forms can be completed at http://www.ebbx.com/Home/OwnFranchise.aspx or http://www.ebbx.com/BBXForm/FranchiseApplicationForm.aspx or simply email info@ebbxi.com or email mt@ebbx.com Michael Touma CEO Managing Director BBX Group BBX INTERNATIONAL LTD HK 1031854 36/F, Tower Two, Times Square 1 Matheson Street Causeway Bay Hong Kong Ph: +852 300 85832 Fax +852 300 85832 E: mt@ebbx.com W: www.ebbx.com Australia: 916 Pacific Hwy Gordon NSW 2017 +61 2 9499 11 00 SKYPE: bbx.michael