Franchise Opportunity:

BBX offers two types of franchises, the Master Franchise and the Concept Store Franchise. The Master franchise offers commercial rights for a territory (country, region, state or big city) whilst the Concept Store Franchise offers commercial rights for one specific location.

Concept Store Franchise:

BBX concept stores will allow franchisees to excel and at the same time build revenue for present and future capital gain. BBX concept stores offer an up-to-date shopfront environment in which franchise owners can host prospective new members as they introduce them to the BBX cashless trading platform. BBX concept stores also have economic setups and they can be adapted for networking functions, in the bigger concept stores there are training rooms with big screen tv’s for power-point and video presentations and tablets for members training to use BBX Apps. There are also HUB areas for our members to come and learn about BBX Technology and International trading. 29 unnamed

Master Franchise:

BBX is a company committed to its franchisees and their growth. With more than 70,000 Cardholders, 60 franchises and a presence in 13 countries, the company is positioned for healthy growth worldwide. BBX recently became the largest cashless payment platform in the world and we are proud to announce that in the last 45 days we opened 11 concept stores globally! We are inviting prospective business owners to come with us and join in our journey. The BBX master franchise has diverse income streams, it is a very clear and modern business offer that allows franchisees to team up with BBX to manage, develop and control the company’s growth in a certain area (usually a country, a state or a region)